Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've got the BLUES

... but it's not a bad thing. My blues are coming from bottles of paint and sheets of paper. 
Look closely and you will see eyes looking back at you. The eyes are a stamp, which when pressed onto the paint on the gelli plate creates a squiggle effect giving the print a dimensional  look to it. 

One paint color, print pulled on white paper. I used a scalloped cookie cutter to create the design in the print. 

Blue and black paint, white paper, foam stamp, shelf liner

Just a bunch of random pulls of leftover paints. The copper is a metallic paint that doesn't photograph as shiny as it is in person

Another cleanup job

Printed on black cardstock. First level of print was a pale green leaf stencil followed but the pale blue paint and a paper doily mask.

Printed on dark blue cardstock, white paint, used a comb and a glass to make the design. Love the dimension that was created. 

The first pull was green on white paper with a design. Wasn't too happy with it so I inked up the plate with a mixed blue and white paint, followed up with red paint that was applied to the gelli plate but not brayered out. 

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