Monday, September 5, 2011

Collage - A Year Long Project

WARNING: This post if photo HEAVY!

A couple of years ago I was into collage art. I joined a Yahoo group which shared ideas and projects. One thing we did was post a weekly topic that was to be used to create our collage. I actually managed to complete about 80% of the challenges, most of which I am posting here. A few of them were really bad and they've been relegated to the trash bin.

New Beginnings

In case you're interested, the journal reads: Windows are a means of exploring further than our immediate surroundings. We look through the windows out of curiosity. Out of an eagerness to see what lies just outside the pleasant confines of daily life. Out of desire to go beyond what we commonly see. To enter an exciting world where we can embrace opportunities we have never before imagined.

Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.


mosaic of beauty



It's all in the numbers

Junk Mail

Purple and Yellow

The Eyes are on You


It's all in the cards

Pretty in Pink


Don't be Square


Listen to the solitude



Weaving the strands of life



Pink is for Girls

Mothers and Daughters

If Only

How's your shape?

Happy Anniversary


Climbing the corporate ladder

the Woman behind the mask


share the fun

it's that time

inside and outside

purple, violet, lilac, which is it?

if only women had wings

don't be yellow

not gonna happen

it's all in the form

help me!

men are different than we are!

it's all in the genes


life is NOT all black and white


looking into my imagination
There you have it. If you're not "in to" collage you're probably thinking "alrighty now, this is different" but if you see collage as a viable expression of creativity, I hope you can "see" into my head .... trust me it's all there and then some!