Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homemade Christmas Cheer

A little bit of impromptu Christmas crafting. Using an old cheese server, figurines from my Christmas village, and a sprinkling of fake snow and I've created Christmas Under the Dome - I'm channeling one of my TV shows!

I've also combined my junker skills with my crafting skills and created my own version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I started with a piece of edging that I pulled up from the front flower bed
do not adjust your monitor - unfortunately this photo is blurry
but I didn't notice it until after the craft was completed

After a little help from my husband to remove the staples and wires that held the edging together, I sanded the blocks a little and then pulled out the craft paints to begin my magic.

While waiting for the creations to dry I went outside and cut down a pine tree that had sprung up in the front yard. Environmentalist don't be alarmed - it was destined to be cut eventually as it was growing right under the electrical wires and everyone knows that trees, Georgia weather, and outside electrical wires aren't a good combination.

I placed the tree in a stand in the middle of our front window.

Back inside I checked on my craft - I painted little houses, decorated for the holidays - the paint was dry and the houses were ready to be hung.

And here you have it, my very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree decorated with a Christmas Village.

I think it needs a string or two of lights but it's been too rainy to get out there and put any on. I'd actually need to buy some first because all though I have several unused strands of lights in my stash, I'm not sure any of them are safe for outside.

Time will tell if I ever get around to lighting the tree and meantime I wanted to go ahead and share my little decorating project. The cost of this project - $0.00 - I had everything on hand. Now that's what I call a priceless craft!

Close up of the houses

Maybe next year I will add to the collection but for now I'm enjoying a little bit of Christmas cheer - and Lyra loves watching the houses blow in the wind, sometimes even spinning like tops when there's a huge gust. Silly cat. 

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