Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little organizational project

We have a basket that sits on top of the vanity in the bathroom that my husband and I share. Problem is there's just not enough room in the basket for all my stuff and his too, so I decided to do something about it. Mmmm boy, project time!
I'm trying really hard to not run out and purchase anything that I might be able to make at home so I searched the house for the materials needed. (Please don't let me regret all that stuff I threw out when cleaning out my craftroom) I came up with a cardboard box, fabric and paint from my stash, and a little glue. 

The result was this little box. 

It was almost perfect. 

What's missing? 

I know, legs!

Out in the garage I found a stash of wooden blocks.  
I can't for the life of me remember what they were leftover from but it's really immaterial. They are the perfect height for my box which I plan to sit on the floor next to the vanity. If you're wondering why the box will sit on the floor as opposed to sitting on the vanity, A) there's not enough counter space and B) while putting on makeup and drying my hair I close the lid to the toilet (which is right next to the vanity) and sit on it while getting ready. I know. TMI


Would you find it in a store or featured in a magazine? No. 
Is it useful and meets my needs? Absolutely. 
And the best part ... it cost me absolutely no money and only about 30 minutes out of my day. 

Mission accomplished. 

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