Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't know about you, but I'm the worlds worst for buying gifts. For someone who is supposed to be so creative, I am useless when it comes to buying the perfect gift for my family and friends. Therefore it usually comes down to the last minute before I make up my mind about a purchase. I'm also no good at being prepared with wrapping paper and cards once I have the gift. 

Thankfully I have come up with the perfect solution for packaging my presents. No more pattern paper! Generic white, black, or brown paper is perfect for any gift ... as long as it's accompanied by a decorative tag. 

Now tags - that's something I can do! It's time for me to get busy replenishing my stock but I have a few (ok, well it's more than a few) here to show you.


Tags are fun and easy to make. Sometimes I use shipping tags  that can be purchased at the local office supply store, Walmart, or Target. Other times I want more than a simple shape so I will cut my own using templates  or my Coluzzle.

After the tag shape is cut the real fun begins. I pull out my paper (remember that tote of scraps? ), embellishments  
I also use stamps, stickers, and markers, and anything else I can find. Before you know it a tag is born.

Sometimes I will make a tag for a specific gift/person but a lot of times when I'm feeling particularly creative I will just sit down and make tags. Before I know it I have a stash of ready made tags just waiting for the right recipient.

My tags range 
from simple 
to elaborate  
to whimsical  
to outrageous 
They can be event specific  
or generic   in nature.

Whether you wrap or bag it  ,whatever the person or event, there's always that perfect tag just waiting to go on the package. And the best thing ... the blank backside is perfect for writing a personal message ... no need to include a card!


  1. No need to include a card?? But then how do I make excuses for making cards? ;) We really should get together to craft sometime! You need to come see...the loft.