Monday, July 25, 2011

Soumak Weaving

I'm not sure where I first heard about Soumak weaving but a lot of what I learned was from this site soumak weaving. At the time I was part of a fiber arts small group at church and while everyone else was knitting and crocheting I chose to do something different. I got the extra bonus of receiving all the leftover yarn from my friends so basically all it cost me was the materials for making my loom!

As I began churning out pieces I discovered that some of them needed a little extra punch, 

thus the addition of embroidery, buttons, sticks, polymer clay beads, etc.

This was a good craft for working with colors and textures. Here are a couple of pieces waiting to be completed.

I haven't done much lately (remember I craft in spurts) but I've got everything ready, waiting for me to be bit by the bug again. 

look how different this piece  is depending on the background!

Where do you like it best?

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  1. I like the middle picture best. But I like it ALL!